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Our Services

S & S Auto and Truck Repair provides a wide range of auto repair services on vehicles both foreign and domestic. We offer same-day service on most repairs. We have state of the art equipment and the latest in diagnostic technology to get the job done it a timely and cost effective manner. In addition to repairs, we offer factory recommended maintenance at scheduled  intervals. Our technicians are ASE certified and have an impeccable reputation for quality and customer service.

Our services include but are not limited to

  • Brakes-pads/rotors/shoes/drums/master cylinders
  • Suspension-shocks/struts/springs/electronic ride control
  • Electrical-batteries/starters/alternators/generators
  • Computer diagnostics-check engine lights/abs lights/air bag lights/traction control lights
  • Cooling systems-thermostats/radiators/water pumps/hoses/heater cores
  • Transmissions-fluid changes/automatic transmissions/manual transmissions/clutches
  • Drivetrain-wheel bearings/transfer case/differentials/drive-shafts/CV shafts/u-joints
  • Maintenance-spark plugs/filters/fluid changes/timing belts
  • Air conditioning-service/recharging/ compressors/condensers/lines
  • Exhaust-mufflers/exhaust pipes/catalytic converters/custom exhaust systems/welding
  • Tires-repair/mounting/balancing/snow tires/wheels(we offer all major tire brands)
  • Oil and filter change(OEM filters,synthetic oils,specialty oils available to maintain new car warranty)
  • Wheel  alignment/4 wheel alignment
  • Steering/tie rods/tie rod ends/power steering systems
  • Metal fabrication-aluminum/steel/stainless welding