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1988 Mustang GT with 2011 Coyote 5.0 swap

Posted on 16th November, by Steve in Projects. Comments Off on 1988 Mustang GT with 2011 Coyote 5.0 swap

1988 Mustang GT with 2011 Coyote 5.0 swap

This Mustang started life as an 1988 GT and spent most of that time in California. When S & S Auto found the car it was in rough condition but clean of rust and ready for a build. The car was stripped down to sheetmetal in 2006 for a complete rebuild from front to back.

Some of the details of our build included:

  • 4 wheel custom built disc brakes
  • Coil over  QA1/race craft suspension
  • Custom built fuel system
  • Roll cage
  • Removed rear seats
  • Custom built interior
  • Hand built Autometer instrument cluster
  • Vintage legend lime gold paint
  • 18 bullit wheels

Five years after the initial rebuild it was time for a new motor. In February 2011 we installed a new from factory 2011 5.0 Ford “Coyote”  crate engine and a 6 speed manual transmission.  In just under a month of late nights after regular S&S Auto business we completed this project including the following customization:

  • Hand built air intake
  • Custom built Headers/exhaust system
  • hand built cooling system
  • T56 6 speed transmission
  • Relocated/Custom Transmission Crossmember
  • Custom built power steering system (2011 has electric power steering)
  • Custom built power brake system utilizing 2004 mustang cobra components

Project Photos